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Practical resource for the classroom or therapy space...


With a foreword from Professor Sue Jennings,

'Find Your Way' contains ten illustrated short stories developed specifically to promote recovery, resilience and positive mental health among adolescents and young adults. Each story concludes with reflective questions that empower and guide young people to choose their own ending to the story – and in doing so to begin moving beyond adversity in the way that suits them best.

Stories are an invaluable tool for connecting with people, especially those reluctant to engage with more direct approaches.  The stories tackle a wide range of specific mental health challenges such as trauma, separation, independence, rejection, hope and recovery. The resource was originally developed with clients challenged by difficulties including depression, autism and eating disorders, the stories are proven in practice and supported by case studies, scripts, tableaus and activities.

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Click below to watch a 3 minute video showcasing the 10 stories in this book

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